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USCIS Recognizes I-693 Medical Exams as Indefinitely Valid

USCIS will now recognize that any I-693 medical exam (typically submitted with an I-485 Adjustment of Status Application) completed and signed by a civil surgeon on or after November 1, 2023 does not expire and can be used indefinitely.

This is a significant benefit and change to foreign nationals applying for adjustment of status. USCIS historically only recognized an I-693 for a two year validity period from the date of completion. Due to the unpredictability of when priority dates may retrogress, Meltzer Hellrung had been reluctant to have foreign nationals complete medical exams at the time of filing an AOS applications. This has led to delays in I-485 adjudication as USCIS has had to issue requests for evidence for the medical exam at a later date. Similarly, if foreign nationals had filed with a completed I-693 and I-485 adjudication was not complete prior to the two year mark on the I-693, the individual needed to pay for a second medical exam.

USCIS explained the reasoning behind the change:

In consultation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and based on advances in public health electronic notification, USCIS has determined that a Form I-693’s evidentiary value should no longer be limited to a certain period if it is properly completed and was signed by a civil surgeon on or after Nov. 1, 2023. USCIS officers have discretion to request more evidence or a new or updated Form I-693 if they have reason to believe the applicant’s medical condition has changed since the civil surgeon signed the Form I-693, or that the Form I-693 submitted does not accurately reflect the applicant’s medical condition and the applicant may be inadmissible on health-related grounds.

Meltzer Hellrung will now request medical exams with the preparation of all I-485 applications.