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ADIT Stamp via Mail System

USCIS announced that eligible lawful permanent residents (LPR) can receive an Alien Document, Identification, and Telecommunication (ADIT), I-551 stamp via mail. As a result, eligible parties will not have to go through the trouble of scheduling and attending a field office appointment. To complete the process via mail, a LPR must call the USCIS Contact Center. ADIT stamp validity periods vary from case to case, but will never exceed a year.

ADIT stamp validity periods vary from case to case, but will never exceed a year.

ADIT stamps are sometimes required if a LPR has not yet received their Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), or their Green Card extension notice expired while a related petition is pending. Examples of pending approvals that might elicit the need for an ADIT stamp include Applications to Replace Permanent Resident Card (Form I-90), Petitions to Remove Conditions of Residence (Form I-751), or a Naturalization application (Form N-400).

Some LPRs, like those with urgent needs, or whose personal information cannot be confirmed via phone call, will need to schedule an appointment. Appointments to receive temporary evidence of status are also requested through the USCIS Contact Center. While not every LPR can utilize the new services, the reform will hopefully reduce the demands placed on USCIS field offices and lead to improved services.

As the U.S. immigration system continues to improve in efficiency, it is essential to keep up to date. Meltzer Hellrung will continue to monitor changes to the ADIT Stamp process to provide the best legal counsel to our clients.

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