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USCIS Releases Trial of E-Verify+

USCIS has released a trial of its E-Verify+ platform to a select group of US employers. The E-Verify+ platform builds on the existing E-Verify tool to combine the I-9 and E-Verify processes into one tool and step.

Every employer is required to complete Form I-9 when hiring any employee in the United States, regardless of immigration status. E-Verify is an additional tool that reviews identification documents for authenticity. Some employers are required to use E-Verify, but not all are. Please see our collateral on which companies may be required to participate in E-Verify.

USCIS has provided a helpful two-minute video with an overview of the new E-Verify+ portal.


The biggest changes from this tool include:

Employee access: Employees will be able to enter their own data and upload documents directly into the E-Verify+ platform. Employee profiles that are validated may also move from employer to employer. This means that individuals who have successfully been verified already may be able to transfer eligibility to new employers where applicable.

Automatic I-9 generation: This data entered by an employee will be transferred into an I-9 that is automatically generated. This means employers will not have to complete an I-9 and then subsequently enter that data manually into the E-Verify tool. This will also reduce employer liability for any data entry errors.

Should E-Verify+ continue to be rolled out and be easy to operate, it appears that it will be incredibly beneficial to US employers, especially those that already use E-Verify. The tool will reduce the administrative burden of recording work authorization for both employers and employees. The tool will reduce the chances of incurring liability for I-9 data entry errors. The tool may also allow employers to end relationships with third party I-9 software platforms and reduce their expenses in this area.