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USCIS Issuing H-4 EAD’s That May Not Match H-1B Expiration

USCIS has reported that it is pursuing batch processing for some H-4 EAD’s. USCIS states that it is attempting to “streamline case processing, which aims to improve processing efficiency and reduce processing times for eligible applications for some I-765 … C26 renewals.”

USCIS is issuing common end validity dates to applications processed in a batch to achieve this “streamlined” case processing. “The end validity printed on the EAD cards will be the first of the month for all cases where the applicant’s nonimmigrant status ends at any time in that month.” For example, if an H-4 spouse is admitted until March 15th, that individual would receive an EAD valid through March 1st.

USCIS will not be issuing corrections or replacements for EAD’s issued with these validity dates.

Given this change, Meltzer Hellrung will be closely following EAD expiration dates going forward to determine when it may be best to file H-1B and H-4 extensions and what dates to request on extensions.