Sommie Ford

Legal Assistant

Sommie has been with Meltzer Hellrung since May 10, 2021. They are working towards a better future for themselves and others. Sommie works as a legal assistant, handling various administrative tasks. Sommie is currently working on learning French, and has a strong interest in costume design and voice acting.

More about Sommie

⏰ Wake up time - 7 AM
☕️ Number of cups of coffee per day - 0
🦸🏻‍♀️ Most wanted superpower - I can't choose between shapeshifting and teleportation
🐾 Animal most like personality - A ferret
🖌 Favorite hobby - Costume making
🎧 Favorite musician - Jhariah
🧳 Next dream travel destination - Athens, Greece
🤫 Secret, weird talent - I can hold my breath underwater for at least two minutes
⭐️ Next goal or bucket list to do - Watch an F1 race live in Monaco
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