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United Kingdom

Meltzer Hellrung’s global reach enables us to assist a wide variety of businesses to secure visas and work permits for their employees to work in the United Kingdom. Our detailed understanding of the country’s immigration requirements, combined with a strategic, service-oriented approach to client needs and goals, ensures that the chosen solutions are both appropriate and legally compliant.

The UK offers several types of long-term visas.

Skilled Worker visa: This applies to foreign nationals hired by an approved employer for a qualifying occupation. It is issued for up to five years and can be extended.

Health and Care Worker visa: This option is for medical professionals who secure an eligible job with the NHS, an NHS supplier, or in adult social care. The period of validity is up to five years and can be extended.

Intra-company visa: There are two types of this visa: an Intracompany Transfer visa for foreign nationals transferred to a role in the UK, and an Intra-Company Graduate Trainee visa for foreign nationals coming to the UK as part of a training program for a managerial or specialist position. The period of issuance varies.

Representative of an Overseas Business visa: Foreign nationals who are the sole representatives of a foreign business planning to set up a UK branch or a subsidiary, as well as employees of foreign media companies on long-term assignments in the UK, are eligible for this option. The initial period of validity is three years and it may be extended for another two. After five years, the visa holder can apply for permission for permanent residence in the UK.

Sportsperson visa: Available to elite sports players or qualified coaches. It can be issued for up to three years and can be extended to a maximum of six years.

Visas for start-ups, investors, and others: The UK offers several long-term visas for individuals seeking to start or invest in a business in the UK as well as leaders in academia or research, arts and culture, and digital technology.

The country also offers short-term work visas that cover various types of employment:

  • Temporary Worker – Charity Worker visa

  • Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting visa

  • Temporary Worker – Government Authorized Exchange visa

  • Temporary Worker – International Agreement Worker visa

  • Temporary Worker – Religious Worker visa

  • Temporary Worker – Seasonal Worker visa

  • Youth Mobility Scheme visa


Meltzer Hellrung’s services include:
  • Full assessment of the applicant under existing visa laws and regulations

  • Assistance at each step of the process: visa application, work authorization, residence permit, extensions, renewals, etc.

  • 24/7 access to our case management system to track real-time status of applications and monitor upcoming expiration dates or other requirements

  • Document procurement for legalization, attestation, police clearance certification, proof of birth/marriage/citizenship, etc.

  • Accompaniment and assistance upon arrival in the UK

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