Meltzer Hellrung has the ability to assist businesses from a range of industries in securing visas and permits for their employees to legally work in South Africa. We apply a detailed understanding of the country’s immigration requirements with a strategic approach to client needs, ensuring that the chosen visas and/or permits are both appropriate and legally compliant.

South Africa offers four types of work visas:

  • General Work Visa: This option is open to foreign nationals who can fill jobs for which native South African workers are not available. It may be issued for up to five years and can include spouses and dependent family members.

  • Intra-Company Transfer Visa: This option allows multinational businesses to transfer employees from an overseas branch to their South African branch. The maximum duration is four years. Family members such as spouses and dependents may be included on the visa.

  • Critical Work Visa: Foreign nationals with experience in an occupation on the country’s Critical Skills list are eligible for this visa. It can be issued up to a maximum of five years and can cover spouses and dependent family members.

  • Corporate Visa:  Issued to a corporate entity rather than an employee, this option allows the company to employ a pre-determined number of foreign workers.

 Other types of visas that allow employment include:

  • Business Visa: This allows entrepreneurs and investors to start a new business or invest in an existing one. Applicants must be planning to invest a prescribed amount, but this requirement may be waived for certain industries.

  • Visitor Visa: Under certain circumstances, foreign nationals with this visa may work for a South African business for three months or less.

Meltzer Hellrung’s services include:

  • Full assessment of the applicant under existing visa laws and regulations

  • Assistance at each step of the process: visa application, work authorization, residence permit, extensions, renewals, etc.

  • 24/7 access to our case management system to track real-time status of applications and monitor upcoming expiration dates or other requirements

  • Document procurement for legalization, attestation, police clearance certification, proof of birth/marriage/citizenship, etc.

  • Accompaniment and assistance upon arrival in South Africa

Contact is to learn more about how we can help streamline the visa and immigration process.