Singapore presents very precise and complex requirements for employment within the country.

Employment Pass: This option is appropriate for highly skilled professionals and senior managers seeking to work in Singapore. Qualifications include a minimum salary level. The pass is usually issued for one to two years and it can be further extended based on continued employment with the same company.

S Pass: This category is for mid-skilled employees and those with a salary threshold that is less than the Employment Pass requirement.  Like the Employment Pass, it is issued for one to two years and may be extended.

EntrePass: This option is open to entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors of any foreign nationality who have started or intend to start a business. Validity is for one year, and it may be renewed for up to two years.

Personalized Employment Pass: This is available to high-earning foreign professionals or existing Employment Pass holders who meet the eligibility criteria. It is valid for up to three years but cannot be renewed.

Work permits: Various options are available for workers in construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process and services industries; domestic workers; nannies; performing artists; trainees; and more.

Short-term visit pass: Issued to foreign nationals entering Singapore for business meetings, conferences, and other non-paid activities. The maximum duration of validity is 30 days.

Meltzer Hellrung’s services include:

  • Full assessment of the applicant under existing visa laws and regulations

  • Assistance at each step of the process: visa application, work authorization, residence permit, extensions, renewals, etc.

  • 24/7 access to our case management system to track real-time status of applications and monitor upcoming expiration dates or other requirements

  • Document procurement for legalization, attestation, police clearance certification, proof of birth/marriage/citizenship, etc.

  • Accompaniment and assistance upon arrival in Singapore

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