Meltzer Hellrung’s global reach enables us to assist businesses from a range of industries in securing visas and work permits for their employees to legally work in Argentina. Our detailed understanding of the country’s immigration requirements combined with a strategic, service-oriented approach to client needs ensures that the chosen solutions are both appropriate and legally compliant.

Argentina offers a wide range of visas and permits for visitors.

Visitor visa: Listed nationalities on the visa waiver program with Argentina automatically receive a 90-day tourist visa on arrival stamped in their passport. Travelers should ensure their passport has been valid for a minimum of 180 days prior to travel and that there is one clear page for the visa stamp. All other nationalities should apply for a tourist visa at the Argentine consulate in their country of residence, allowing 30 days for visa processing. A tourist visa can be extended for an additional 90 days.

Business visa: Applications need to be submitted at the Argentine consulate in the applicant’s country of residence prior to travel. A business visa is valid for a maximum of 60 days.

Work visa: Applicants can apply for a work visa before or after their arrival in Argentina. When applying before arrival, applications may be submitted only at the Consular Office of Argentina in the country of residence of the foreign national. After the visa is issued, post-arrival registration is required for DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad), the national identity document, and CUIL (Codigo Unico de Identification Laboral), which issues a unique code for work identification. For individuals contracted to work for an Argentinian company, the business should be registered with the Immigration Ministry and should be authorized to employ foreign workers.  Dependents of the main applicant can apply for dependent visas.

Temporary resident visa: Applicants who can demonstrate a sufficient regular fixed income can apply for a one-year visa, which can be applied toward permanent residency.

Permanent residence visa: An individual who has stayed legally in Argentina for over two years may apply for a permanent residence visa. After an additional two years of permanent residency, individuals with this visa are eligible to apply for Argentine citizenship.

Retiree visa: Applicants must demonstrate that they are retired from employment and receiving a  pension or other retirement funds with minimum benchmark monthly earnings. This visa is issued for one year and can be further applied for permanent residency.

Meltzer Hellrung’s services include:

  • Full assessment of the applicant under existing visa laws and regulations

  • Assistance at each step of the process: visa application, work authorization, residence permit, extensions, renewals, etc.

  • 24/7 access to our case management system to track real-time status of applications and monitor upcoming expiration dates or other requirements

  • Document procurement for legalization, attestation, police clearance certification, proof of birth/marriage/citizenship, etc.

  • Accompaniment and assistance upon arrival in Argentina

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