EB-1C Multinational Manager/Executive

For more information regarding the qualifications for the EB-1 Green Card in this category please see our information page on L-1A visas.

There is a higher standard for qualification for the EB-1 Green Card than for the L-1A visa.  In order to qualify, the employee must have been a manager or executive both abroad in the U.S.  For the L-1 visa the employee only needs to be sponsored for a managerial or executive position in the United States, but need not have held such a position abroad. Second, the employee must have supervised abroad and continue to supervise in the US other employees that are professionals.  The manager or executive must not be considered to be a front-line manager, e.g. someone who supervises the lowest level of employees in the company, especially employees in positions that do not require a Bachelor’s degree or higher.