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Meltzer Hellrung LLC provides comprehensive immigration solutions for businesses, from entrepreneurs and investors to multi-national corporations. We pride ourselves in providing support and guidance at every step of the immigration process to ensure that your company and foreign national employees move forward with confidence through the immigration journey. As a Meltzer Hellrung client, you can expect and rely on:

Proactive, Comprehensive Advice

We do more than simply file visa and green card petitions, we provide comprehensive, proactive counsel regarding the best immigration strategies for your company, how to attract and retain top foreign national talent, and how to avoid immigration compliance issues. Let us partner with your HR personnel to create a customized immigration program that makes your company more competitive in today’s global talent market.

Cutting-Edge Case Management System

We utilize a cutting-edge cloud-based case management platform that allows HRs and foreign nationals to upload and have documents reviewed in real time, have questions answered in real time through our secured messaging system, and check the status of any immigration case at any time from any location via your computer or cell phone. All you need is an Internet connection. 

Flat-Fee Case Pricing

Never again will you question what you are being charged by your immigration provider and why. We charge one flat-fee per immigration case that is processed with us. This flat-fee per case includes all work necessary to get the case approved, including responding to USCIS Requests for Evidence and unlimited legal advice regarding the case for as long as the foreign national works for your company.


We take pride in providing prompt, courteous, and accurate responses to all foreign national and HR questions. Ask us a question Monday through Friday before 12pm and we’ll respond by the end of the business day. Ask us a question Monday through Friday after 12pm and we’ll respond first thing the following business day. As a Meltzer Hellrung client, you and your foreign nationals will always be assigned a dedicated, tenured immigration attorney whose job is to know your company and foreign nationals inside and out. You will always know whom to contact with urgent and sensitive immigration matters. 


Never have a foreign national ask you a case status question again! Our cutting edge cloud-based case management platform brings total transparency to the immigration process. HRs and foreign nationals receive notifications regarding when questionnaires are completed, when documents are needed to continue case preparation, when cases are submitted to the government, and when cases have been approved.

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