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Can Foreign Students and Other Immigrants Start Businesses in the US?

Posted December 31, 2014Matthew Meltzer Articles, Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in America's immigrant population. According to the US Small Business Administration nearly one in ten immigrants owns a small business. Many immigrants ask us about whether they can start new businesses while inside the US. Here is guidance regarding who can start a new company and when individuals can work for those companies.

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US Government Is Seeking Feedback on Streamlining and Improving the Immigration System

Posted December 31, 2014Matthew Meltzer Immigration Reform

The US Departments of State and Homeland Security published a notice of request for information in the Federal Register seeking feedback on streamlining and improving the US immigration system. Comments must be provided by January 29, 2015.

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Franchises Are a Great Option for E-2 Entrepreneurs

Posted December 29, 2014Matthew Meltzer Entrepreneurship

Franchises are a great option for individuals seeking to open a company in the United States and secure anĀ E-2 visa. Meltzer Hellrung provides a complete package of services to assist foreign entrepreneurs in opening new franchise business in the United States and securing E-2 visas.

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Employers Must Notify Their Attorney When Terminating an H-1B Employee to Avoid Back Pay Liability

Posted December 23, 2014Matthew Meltzer H-1B

A recent decision by the Department of Labor demonstrates the importance of companies notifying their attorneys about the termination of H-1B employment so as to avoid liability to back wages to former H-1B employees.

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10% Discount on H-1B Cap Cases Opened by January 31st

Posted December 17, 2014Articles, Firm News, H-1B

All H-1B cap cases opened by January 31st will receive a 10% discount off standard H-1B pricing.

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