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Franchises Are a Great Option for E-2 Entrepreneurs

Posted December 29, 2014Matthew Meltzer Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur magazine recently release its top 500 franchises for 2015. The top 10 includes companies such as Hampton Hotels, Subway, Supercuts, Servpro, and 7-Eleven Inc.

Franchises are a great option for individuals seeking to open a company in the United States and secure an E-2 visa. The E-2 regulations allow for a foreign national to purchase, own, and operate a franchise as a method of securing an E-2 visa. 

Franchises are particularly strong options for getting an E-2 visa as franchises generally come with defined costs, an easily understandable business plan, clear revenue projections, and the opportunity for growth.

Meltzer Hellrung LLC provides comprehensive service in utilizing the purchase of a franchise to secure an E-2 visa. Our service offering includes:

  • Preparation of all necessary paperwork to petition a consulate or embassy for an E-2 visa.
  • Preparation of necessary paperwork for E-2 visa petitions for family members.
  • Monitoring of your visa status to ensure that extensions are timely filed.

We can collaborate with other attorneys and services (at additional cost) who can help with:

  • Filing articles of incorporation with the state the franchise business will be located in.
  • Acquisition of Employer Identification Number from Internal Revenue Service.
  • Assistance with acquiring necessary business licenses.
  • References to franchise brokers and real estate brokers for locating the business.

For more information please contact us directly.

Please note that Meltzer Hellrung cannot provide advice on whether any particular franchise is a good investment. Meltzer Hellrung can only provide guidance on the legal strategy of purchasing a franchise in order to secure a United States visa.