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Adjustment of Status Receipts and Processing Times

Posted November 6, 2020Amelia Moore - ParalegalGreen Card



Given the progression of priority dates in the October Visa Bulletin, there was a significant influx in the number of Adjustment of Status cases filed in the last month. For the many of those who filed an Adjustment of Status application, here is what you can expect regarding the progression and processing of your case.

2-5 weeks after filing with USCIS: A receipt notice will be issued in relation to filing. Once this is received by Meltzer Hellrung, we will provide you and your company with a copy of this receipt notice. You should also receive a copy at your home address.

6-12 weeks after filing with USCIS: USCIS will schedule a biometric appointment. An appointment will be scheduled for each individual applicant, during which their photo and fingerprints will be taken.  A copy of this appointment notice will be sent to you at your home address as well as to Meltzer Hellrung.

3-6 months of filing with USCIS: If applications for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Advance Parole (AP) were filed, the approvals will be issued. Applicants will be notified of approval by notice sent to Meltzer Hellrung and the applicant.

Several months after biometrics (if priority date is still current): An interview notice will be issued. USCIS requests an interview with every applicant before approving an application. During your interview, you will be asked questions regarding your immigrant petition (I-140) and the biographical information contained in your I-485. Family members are typically scheduled to attend these interviews together. Your Meltzer Hellrung Attorney will schedule a phone call with you to prepare for the interview and answer any questions you may have.

Within 30 days of interview: USCIS issues a green card and a welcome notice to the applicant. The green card is valid for a period of 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely so long as the applicant remains a permanent resident of the United States. A permanent resident is then eligible to apply for citizenship after five years of permanent residency.

Throughout the approval process, Meltzer Hellrung will continue to provide both general updates as well as case specific information as it is received. Please contact your designated Meltzer Hellrung Attorney with any additional questions.